About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a located in Central America, the strip of land that joins North and South America. Because of its privileged location, it has been blessed with enormous biodiversity. With a land area of only 51.100 km2, Costa Rica is considered one of the 20 countries with greatest biodiversity in the world, containing 5% of the total species estimated worldwide. It is internationally famous and recognized for the beauty of its natural resources and 25% of its territory is under protected environmental status.

This country is aptly called the “Switzerland of the Americas” and is one of the 22 oldest democracies in the world. It is the home of approximately 4.5 million inhabitants waiting to share all of Costa Rica ́s natural treasures with you. The people of this wonderful country are known for their hospitality, kindness and disposition, making it the perfect place to vacation and relax.

This country boasts some of the world ́s most beautiful beaches, dotted all along Costa Rica ́s lush coastal plains, making this country a truly spectacular beach destination. The Guanacaste coastline (the province where Hacienda Pinilla is located) is known as the Golden Coast. It is the home of pristine beaches with crystal clear blue water, exquisite nature and stunning sunsets.

Now gekng to Guanacaste is easier than ever. The Daniel Oduber International Ariport located in this province (1 hour from Hacienda Pinilla) receives flights from all over the world especially the continental U.S. Or if you want to visit the capital San José and later take a car to the beach, you will enjoy the scenic four hour drive across the mountains to Hacienda Pinilla.

Visit Costa Rica, and live the unique vacation experience it has to offer.