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Guanacaste is the perfect place to have a fun filled vacation.  It´s wonderful year round climate and warm tropical waters make it the perfect place to enjoy countless outdoor activities.  There is something for everyone, from the adventurous who like to surf, kayak and fish, to the more mellow who like to do yoga or golf.  It is the perfect place to relax, enjoy tours, wonderful food, amazing water activities and gorgeous nature, there is so much to do that being bored is definitely not an option!


An excellent golf course in your own backyard – this is the centerpiece of Hacienda Pinilla’s exclusive environment. This 6,800-meter field is the masterpiece of Mike Young, who has designed some of the best golf courses in the world.

Enjoy 18 holes of championship on this 7,296 yard design set on the Gold Coast of Costa Rica. Fitted for all player types and levels, this golf course will not only test you but will amaze you with it’s beauty. Hacienda Pinilla provides players with a chance to play golf as it was meant to be played, peacefully amongst friends and nature. The golf course was designed to conform to all natural surroundings capturing the feel of a Guanacaste rancho on the ocean. While the driving areas are very friendly, the greens and their surroundings are very challenging. Accurate iron play is the key to getting around this golf course, but the length will put you to the test. You will find that the greens are very well guarded and are amongst the best in Costa Rica. Here, golfers have a course that offers picturesque scenery, immaculate conditions and frequent glimpses of exotic wildlife.

Horseback Riding








Hacienda Pinilla boasts a beautiful equestrian center (El Establo) with more than 40 horses for the horseback tours or for the rides with buggies used for weddings, tours around the Hacienda or for romantic moonlit rides.   The horseback tour takes place over 6 kilometers of totally natural trails, along rivers, a lake and a nice trot on the beach at Playa Langosta.  On the tour you’ll admire the enormous diversity in wildlife native to this area: wild birds, insects, monkeys and crocodiles. El Establo is an American designed facility, with an equestrian school and riding ring for our visitors.   Assisted by experienced riders, there are tours for beginners as well as more experienced riders.  Enjoy riding alongside the beach while watching the sunset, wading through rivers, trotting along the shores of Los Mangos Natural Lagoon and enjoy the scenic and natural trails.









Hacienda Pinilla is equipped with a two professional tennis courts with top quality surface and adequate clear space that allows the enjoyment of a first class and competitive game.  Both courts are situated in a natural setting, surrounded by native Guanacaste trees.  The courts are staffed with a professional tennis instructor who can provide lessons to help you improve your game.  For avid players, the tennis pro can play as your doubles partner or as a challenging opponent.  A full lighting system is available for night play.

Services available: tennis lessons for all levels, racquet rentals, racquet stringing, pro shop, parking, nearby restaurant and bathroom facilities. Hours of operation: 7:00 am to 8:00 pm (additional times are available by reservation)









At Hacienda Pinilla you can enjoy premier spa treatments at both the Hacienda´s Beach Club and the JW Marriot.  Any spa enthusiast´s expectations will be fulfilled at these two top the line facilities.  Enjoy!









Stroll through Tamarindo´s Main Street, which runs alongside Tamarindo Beach (located just 20 minutes from Hacienda Pinilla).  Enjoy countless shops that offer a variety of accessories, handmade crafts, souvenirs, clothes and beach wear, all the while enjoying the scenic view of the beach and sea.


At Hacienda Pinilla you can bike along the natural trails and bike paths established for this purpose, or if you are feeling adventurous and are a more experienced riders, you can try trials outside the Hacienda in guided bike tours.

Water Activities








Our warm tropical water makes every water sport available year round.  Enjoy jet skiing, swimming, snorkeling, kayaking, rafting, sailing and boating in Costa Rica´s most beautiful beaches.









Whether you are an experienced surfer or only a beginner Costa Rica´s beaches are the best place to learn or improve your skills.  Costa Rica is known for its great surfing spots, two of which are located right here in Hacienda Pinilla, at Playa Avellanas and Playa Langosta.  Surf in the warm tropical waters while enjoying these pristine and white sanded beaches. We can arrange for lessons or surfing tours with top of the line local instructors to ensure the best surfing experience possible.








Private lessons are available upon request with top of the line instructors.  Classes are usually held at the beach.  We can assure you it will be a memorable experience to do a class while the sun is setting and the waves are crashing below, this setting is a favorite for any yoga lover.









Exercising is an important part of relaxing and liberating stress.  On location is a 24 hour Fitness Center that is available for any exercise lover to use whenever the mood strikes.

Beach Club








Hacienda Pinilla´s private Beach Club and Spa is located in front of one of Costa Rica´s most beautiful beaches, Playa Avellanas. The 3-story building is built in Spanish colonial architectural style, fitting for the casual atmosphere of the Hacienda Pinilla Pacific beaches. The location’s open-air setting and natural ventilation, foliage and spectacular Pacific beach views present a unique contact between the Hacienda and the sea.  Enjoy its restaurants and bar.  Swim in its infinity pool where its water merges with the sea, while watching the amazing surfing in one of Costa Rica´s most important surf spot. It is definitely a place you´ll remember.









Right here in Hacienda Pinilla you can enjoy any of the 5 JW Marriott Resort´s amazing restaurants, as well as the restaurant located at the Beach Club, all of them with stunning beach views, delicious food and great ambience.   Also, the city of Tamarindo (located just 20 minutes away from Hacienda Pinilla) is known for its wonderful food.  There is an extensive selection of cuisines that include Fusion, Italian, Asian, French, Costa Rican and American, among others.  Many of the restaurants are beach front, so you can savor your dinner while listening to the waves and feeling the tropical breeze.

















Pesca Artesanal









National Park Tours

• Rincón de la Vieja Volcano: You can enjoy the nature and beauties that sorround the Rincón de la Vieja National Park.   It is a world full of adventure and adrenaline complemented with the tranquility of the thermal waters, saunas and baths of volcanic mud in a primary forest located on the slopes of the volcano.  Spectacular sunsets can be enjoyed with a magnificent view of the Pacific Ocean, plains and forests.

• Palo Verde National Park:  A diverse patchwork of habitats.  It´s best known as a birdwatcher´s paradise.  More than 300 bird species have been recorded.

• Arenal Volcano: It´s the youngest and most active volcano in Costa Rica.  A primary cloud fores and rainforest cover Arenal National Park, which abounds with flora and fauna species in multiple life zones, innumerable rivers, waterfalls and thermal hot springs.

• Monteverde National Park

Adventure Tours

• ATV Tours: Hop on an ATV and roar around the back woods of Tamarindo and/ or beaches of Avellanas and Negra.

• Canopy Tour: Experience the beauty of the countryside.  From the top you will be able to observe the surrounding beaches, forests, monkeys and many other wildlife.

• Borinquen: Ride over the mountain followed by an invigorating hike to the Mystery Waterfall.  On your way back raise your adrenaline with a flight over the tree-tops on an exciting 10 cable canopy zip-line.

Water Tours

• Surf Trips: Ride the waves of Avellanas, Grande, Negra, Witch´s Rock or Marbella; on a day trip.  Surf the best waves Costa Rica has to offer.

• Scuba Diving:  Enjoy the fish and marine life from up close.

• Snorkel: Snorkel the Pacific waters and discover the underwater world.  The climate of the Pacific Coast gives the ocean here warm, clean and clear water with the most amazing colors.

• Sailing: Silently glide along Costa Rica´s Gold Coast while observing some of Guanacaste´s exotic bays, white sand beaches, tropical jungles and rain forest.  Gaze of the bow with a tropical drink as you scan the seas for dolphins, sea turtles, flying fish









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